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options for what's open year-round - both indoor and outdoor activities!
what stays open all year or for long seasons, organized by town
a 7-day itinerary ensuring you see all the beauty and history of MV
50+ new items to add to your bucket list on MV, and a new app to track them!
our favorite playgrounds, beaches, restaurants and more for kids under 5
days/times, season-end dates, locations, descriptions + more
breakdown of transportation options - bikes, rental cars, buses and more
*the* post you forward to your friend who's visiting MV for the first time
a roundup of all the big events happening on island in 2023
this year's roundup of restaurants that are open through December
Things to do as the colors change, the crowds shrink and the air cools
It's a perfect time of year to enjoy the foliage and try a new path